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Largest Group in South Asia for Imparting Training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Approved by DGCA
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Sha-Shib Aviation Academy

We're a division of Sha-Shib Group of Institutions Sha-Shib Aviation Academy

Sha-Shib Aviation Academy (SAA) has emerged as one of the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institutes in India. As a part of the Sha-Shib Group, SAA always looked into providing quality training to the students by providing all the facilities for a better academic experience. The group has now been acclaimed as the largest in providing first-rate training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in South Asia as per CAR 147.

Located at one of the most popular tourist attractions and near to the fourth largest international airport in India, the academy aimed at providing the best academic medium for the students considering the cultural diversity and growth potential of the region. Kochi, the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ is considered as India’s gateway to Middle East and gulf countries, which also opens growth and career opportunities in the aviation sector.

With dedicated and experienced faculties, state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class training equipment and the perfect educational environment, SAA has one of the best institutes to pursue their dream career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Sha-Shib Aviation Academy offers Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) under the latest regulation CAR 147 (Basic) for both Mechanical (B1.1) and Avionics (B2) streams. Apart from AME, Sha-Shib Group offers courses in Pilot and Airhostess training following the guidelines set by DGCA and concerned authorities of the Civil Aviation Department.

Practical Tieups of Sha-Shib

Courses We Offer at Sha-Shib Group

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering also is known as AME is a licencing course including practical sessions for carrying out the maintenance and repair purposes of an aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Pilot Training

If you have always been fascinated by the dynamics of flying, aircraft and the science behind it, then commercial pilot training is the right career choice for you.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Air Hostess & Hospitality Training

One of the prime roles in the aviation sector who are responsible for the comfort, welfare and safety of the passengers on board. The job includes a perfect work-life balance and attractive salaries.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

This branch attracts students with interest in aeroplanes and their mechanism. Recruitment opportunities are available in the defence services and aviation industry.

Our Mentors View all mentors

Mentors are the backbone of our institutions. They have always guided, enlightened and helped the students to become the best version of themselves.


O.P. Rana

Chief Operating Officer

29+ years experience in aviation industry


Debashish Mohanty

General Manager

33+ years experience in aviation industry


Nasir Rizwan

Quality Manager

13+ years experience in aviation industry


Sandeep Jain

Chief Engineer

30+ years experience in aviation industry


R. C Verma


52+ years experience in aviation industry


Abhishek Singh


14+ years experience in aviation industry

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We are the largest Group in South Asia for imparting training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering by providing better academic experience, training facilities with functional aircrafts and much more career opportunities.

Our National Presence

Why You Should Choose Sha-Shib Group?

Sha-Shib group has been providing quality training to students over the past 30 years across India.We are pledged to provide them with the best and finest education experience in academics as well as personal development.

The Largest Group

ShaShib Group has been acclaimed as the largest group in South Asia for providing outstanding training experience for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering aspirants.

Complete Educational Experience

We have been providing training and academic assistance to students on UG and PG courses in a wide spectrum of subjects. The group comprises educational institutions, aviation organisations and association with aeronautical academies from around the world. This is giving much exposure to the students to become successful in their academics and career.

Placement around the world

Successful students get employment in various national and international airlines like IndiGo, Go Airway, Air India, SpiceJet, Blue Dart, FedEx, Central and State Government maintenance organisations, Various flying clubs, Maintenance Repair Overhaul Organisation, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), Technical Publications, training institutions approved under CAR 147 (Basic) and Type rated, Air cargo maintenance division, Air Ambulance Services, Chartered flights etc. There are approximately 18 scheduled airlines, 101 non-scheduled operators, 32 flying clubs, 114 MRO/AMO and several other organisations for making your career in the aviation sector in India exciting.

Centralised Sha-Shib Academic Council

Our dedicated faculty, with their expertise in the world of aviation, will enlighten you on theoretical and practical subjects required to become a skilled AME. Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Kochi has a proven record of accomplishment. We educate you to qualify all the examinations of the DGCA module with exemplary grades to obtain an AME license as stipulated by CAR. We nurture the students to pass all the necessary exams/ On Job training/ Viva and work as licensed AME in B1 and B2 category regulated by DGCA.

Practical Associations

Being the leading aviation academy in Kerala, we have established practical tie-ups with DGCA approved MROs including Air India, Go Air, Air Works, TAAL and Indamer for substantial practical training to students.

Own Aircraft

Our own 21 functional aircraft consisting of heavy and light aeroplanes of different types are positioned at our institutes. Since we have many institutes across India, the students visit there for better exposure in various types of functional aircraft thus enabling them to learn the tricks of the trade.

Sha-Shib students Alumni

We are proud to find at least one of our students in many elite aviation organisations in India and abroad. SAA is the premier aviation institute in Kerala providing CAR 147 basic training. Our students can interact with our alumni and learn more that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Flying Clubs

We have our own flying club for the students to get a clear exposure to aircraft and its operation. Aviation systems, maintenance, repair, overhaul and ground operations are taught practically. The aircraft is also being used for pilot training, at our aviation academy, for those desires to be a pilot. The practical flying sessions for pilot aspirants are conducted as per orders and regulations promulgated by govt and amended from time to time.

Presence in Airports/Airstrips

We have our presence at six different airports/airstrips in Chhindwara, Ratlam, Hosur, Jamshedpur and Bhubaneswar for carrying out aviation activities and in Guna airport where we run flying clubs to give more exposure to the students.

Own Maintenance and Repair Organisations

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisations are the place s where detailed working knowledge can be gained. We have 04 MROs approved in accordance with CAR 145 (Civil Aviation Regulation) approved by Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) located at 07 different locations. Those are ARDCs at Pune, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar and Jamshedpur, IAE (Mumbai), IASPL (Bhopal) and SFA at Guna airport. Nothing can replace the exposure a student gains at an MRO. Hence, we have been adding to our MROs to deliver optimal technical training sessions.

Infrastructure Facilities

The infrastructure of international aviation standard has been our speciality. We have Aero-Engine Shop, Airframe Shop, Aircraft Instrument Shop, Aircraft Radio Shop, Aircraft Electrical Shop, Electronic Systems Shop, General Workshop and so on.

In-house Placement

We have the in house placement opportunity for the well-deserving students. We place them in the Sha-Shib Group whenever we see a deserving and willing candidate in our various MROs, flying club, CAMO etc. after the AME course at Sha-Shib aviation academy, Kochi.

Expert Mentors

We have 15+ licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers as mentors contributing to the overall development of the students’ academic performance. We at Sha-Shib Group groom the students in terms of personality development, discipline, communication skill, soft skill etc. to prepare the students to get through the interview conducted by various organizations from time to time.