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The aviation and aerospace industries offer multiple high-demand career paths for professionals interested in flying.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The Indian Aviation industry is the third largest in the case of growth among other countries. The industry has been contributing a fair share of the GDP of the country and employing a fair portion of the population. Over the last few years, the industry witnessed 11 percent growth in air passenger traffic and 15.6 percent more foreign tourists visited the country by using air services.

Currently India stands as the ninth largest aviation market and one of the fastest growing domestic air markets in the world. The industry is said to be contributing a total amount of $72 billion to the nation’s GDP. The civil aviation sector is growing at a fast pace and bringing in more foreign investments and creating new job opportunities to the young aspirants in India.

There are 464 functional airports across India out of which 125 are owned by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). These airports managed about 78% of the domestic passenger traffic and 22% of the international passenger traffic by boosting the industry. Along with this, the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry is set to touch a new record growth of 1.2 billion by next year from $950 million currently.

The most notable government initiative in civil aviation is Ude Desh Ke Aam Nagarik (UDAN) - which is a regional airport development and connectivity scheme. Its objective is to enable “the common citizen of the country to fly”. It aims to make air travel affordable and widespread, while boosting inclusive national and economic development. The National Civil Aviation Policy also directly addresses the MRO segment as this is a key segment that will be a significant growth leader for India’s Aviation and Defence Sectors.

All these are pointing towards the overall development of the entire industry and creation of a massive number of job opportunities. This is a great opportunity for aspirants who are looking for a bright career in the aviation industry. The industry offers great job opportunities in India and abroad as well for well qualified candidates.

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