Why Choose Sha-Shib Aviation Academy?

Sha-Shib group has now been acclaimed as the largest in providing first-rate training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in South Asia as per CAR 147.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Sha-Shib Aviation Academy (SAA) has emerged as one of the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institutes in India. As a part of the Sha-Shib Group, SAA always looked into providing quality training to the students by providing all the facilities for a better academic experience. The group has now been acclaimed as the largest in providing first-rate training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in South Asia as per CAR 147.

Located at one of the most popular tourist attractions and near to the fourth largest international airport in India, the academy aimed at providing the best academic medium for the students considering the cultural diversity and growth potential of the region. Kochi, the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ is considered as India’s gateway to Middle East and gulf countries, which also opens growth and career opportunities in the aviation sector.

With dedicated and experienced faculties, state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class training equipment and the perfect educational environment, SAA has one of the best institutes to pursue their dream career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Sha-Shib Aviation Academy offers Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) under the latest regulation CAR 147 (Basic) for both Mechanical (B1.1) and Avionics (B2) streams. Apart from AME, Sha-Shib Group offers courses in Pilot and Airhostess training following the guidelines set by DGCA and concerned authorities of the Civil Aviation Department.

Why Sha-Shib?

Ever since the start, Sha-Shib Aviation Academy has become one of the top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institutes in Kerala. Our dedicated and experienced faculty, world-class practical training facilities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure grant the students with the perfect academic environment to excel. Sha-Shib Group has been providing quality education to aspirants across India through our institutes and training centres.

We always strive to provide the best training experience to our students and enable them to make the most out of it. SAA is well organised and provides academic guidance from the Sha-Shib Centralised Academic council which deals with the overall development of students in all the institutes of the group.

Following the fast developments happening in the aviation industry, Sha-Shib Aviation Academy is all set to train its students on world-class level to get an edge on tough competitions happening in the field. Since all the industries associated with the aviation industry are undergoing changes, it is the right opportunity for aspirants who are looking for a great future in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Why Kochi?

Part from the fact that Kerala is fast developing, it is also considered as the ideal place to get technical training in aviation courses. The state performs well in various sectors including education, hospitality and aviation. The comparatively small state has 4 international airports situated in Trivandrum, Kochi, Kannur and Calicut, which also makes it worth getting your aviation training from there. By the legal tie ups with major aviation giants, Sha-Shib Aviation Academy provides ample hands-on training on aircraft operations, ground handling and other related activities to the students.

Kerala is also considered as one of the safest places in India with lush greenery and a knowledgeable society. Students who are from other places of the country are treated well here and have a pleasant atmosphere to concentrate solely on academics. Better availability of accommodation is also a factor that differentiates Kochi from other places.

Sha-Shib Aviation Academy Cochin

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